A Synopsis of the Accredited Caleb Leadership Development Course

The Caleb Leadership Development Course (CLDC) has been granted Qualification status by the Open College Network (OCN), which is regulated by Ofqual – the UK Government Qualifications Board. The course is designed to give experienced or aspiring leaders a balanced equipping programme that covers many essential leadership themes.

The course has been divided into 5 Sets of mostly 4 modules per set. Each Set comprises of modules that have been carefully selected to rapidly develop each leader’s capacity to become a person of a ‘different spirit’ – one who is capable of leading an apostolic people. As such, each module involves an in-depth examination of the many practical aspects and skills that make excellent leaders.

Woven throughout the course – and especially in its delivery – is a warm, relational, servant heart that promotes a kingdom culture of honour and mutual esteem. We call this dimension the ‘Caleb different spirit’.

Each of the 21 modules takes around 3 hours to deliver. The course can therefore be completed in 63 hours of study, usually done on a once or twice a month basis, but other arrangements can be adopted. The modules contain both teaching sessions and small breakout group interactive times. In a typical module there will be 2-3 teaching sessions and two interactive, breakout group sessions.



Whereby the student who has completed at least 80% of the course modules will receive a Caleb Ministries Certificate of Completion.


Whereby those who opt to do the extra work required and pay the extra fees, will receive an internationally recognized, UK Level 3 Qualification in Christian Leadership (British ‘A level’ standard). This qualification will also enable all those who wish to pursue Higher Education on a distance learning basis, to become eligible to receive Recongnised Prior Learning credits from the South African Theological Seminary, who we have
partnered with.


The cost of attending each unit/module – which is completed each day, is £25 per person. For those who are able to pay for 8 modules up front, that fee is reduced to £20 per module. An extra admin/marker’s fee of £5 per module will be required from all those wishing to study for qualifications and the OCN will also charge a small one off admin fee of £21 for the 6 module AWARD qualification, OR £52.50 for the 15 module CERTIFICATE qualification. Caleb UK Course and OCN fees may be adjusted in other nations through sensitively negotiated agreements; also bursary grants may be available for leaders ministering within limited finances.

Should you wish to receive any further information or book yourself or your leaders onto a course, please click HERE.


Set 1: Empowered to Equip

M1. The Urgent Nature of the Leadership Call
We take a firm and realistic stance that everything falls and stands on the quality of its leaders. Biblical answers are sought as to why the Church desperately needs healed, transformed, equipped, recognised and released leaders. Session 2 examines the power of reproduction which leads into an in-depth exploration of how to grow Kingdom leader sons and daughters in your church. Session 3 focuses on the dynamic that we become empowered by empowering others and calls all leaders to begin equipping the body of Christ to do the work of ministry as commanded in Ephesians 4:11-12.   This is a great introduction to the subject of leadership for all existing and potential leaders in your church and/or ministry.

M2. Discovering Your Unique Identity and Your Place in the Body of Christ
The first session opens with an inspirational teaching on the fact that God has made us all ‘Unique Over-comers’ and has given us a ‘Dominion Mandate’ that enables us to bring reconciliation to a fallen world. We examine the fact that there is a vital need for leaders to discover who God has made them. We then proceed in the following sessions, to help participants discover, accept and improve upon their manifestation gifts; motivational gifts and unique temperament blend. The module involves diagnostic tools and is very practical. Leaders always go away from these sessions confident, inspired and eager to go and be who God has made them to specifically be.

M3. The Essential Qualities and Unique Style that make Dynamic and Successful Leaders
Session 1 takes an in-depth look at the essential qualities that set people free and which mark them out as a good leader that causes others to follow them. It concludes with an examination of the right heart that develops these qualities and how to avoid the error of leading like the Nicholaitans. Session 2 examines these qualities in some detail and Session 3 is devoted to helping leaders discover, explore and develop their unique leadership style from a possible 6 different styles and functions. An evaluation tool assists with such identification and leaders usually go away convinced of their leadership call and inspired to further develop a Christ-like character on the inside that is reflected on the outside. Another great ‘identity’ module that challenges and sharpens the essentials of effective leadership.

M4.How to build a ‘dream team’ that functions within its corporate Prophetic Foundation
We begin by illustrating the vital need for team leadership by focusing upon some Biblical examples. We then progress on to examine why it is vital to have a well balanced team in any organisation. In session 2, practical help is given to all participants to discover and outwork their particular role in a team. This newly acquired knowledge is then linked to the concept of the team’s prophetic foundation. Specific help is given to enable representatives of each group or church gathered to explore what their corporate prophetic foundation is and the likely outcomes for building upon it. Session 3 ends the day by considering how we can help serve our teams better by ensuring that each person is engaged in a team role that best suits them, thus empowering them to become their best and all that God intended them to be.

Set 2: Transformational Churches

M5. The Essence of Jesus’ Church and how it Serves the Kingdom
We take an in depth look at what constitutes the essence of the New Testament revelation of the ‘ecclesia’ the assembly of God’s people, called the church. From this foundation, we explore God’s eternal purpose as portrayed in the Bible to win for Himself a Bride, a Body; a Family and a House to dwell in – all amazing portraits of Jesus’ Church. The module concludes by examining how such a people can express His Kingdom rule on earth and how vital it is for leaders to become godly custodians of this ‘free Jerusalem’ church.

M6.Global Perspectives and the Restoration of Apostolic Ministry. How it affects us as Kingdom Leaders
The day opens with a definition of the new apostolic reformation in the context of a very brief examination of church history and the fall and rise of Jesus’ Church. We try to correlate periods when ‘new wine’ revelation was poured out upon the Church with the emergence of ‘new wineskin’ structures, culminating in the apparent re-emergence of apostolic ministry in recent decades. A link between the Kingdom and the apostolic is made before defining the ministry of apostles, apostolic mission and what constitutes a growing new apostolic church that effectively reaches the nations for Christ. The final session poses the question regarding the implications this growing phenomenon will have for the traditional, denominational church. This is a course that provokes lots of questions and discussion and aims to present an overview of global Church trends in order to grasp what the Spirit is saying and doing in the Church of our day. It challenges traditional mindsets and tends to bring about a transformation of thought regarding the vital part leaders have to play in ushering in the return of Christ.

M7. Developing and Honing Your Leadership Skills
We begin by asking whether leaders are born or made. Taking the stand that we can all develop better leadership skills, this session explores what these vital skills are. Session two then unpacks the leadership skills that are required to harness the power of team dynamics. The final session explains the field assignment that is to be completed during the weeks that follow this module that practically develop these skills.

M8. The Essential Need for Kingdom Leadership Soul Mentoring
Session 1 explores the concept of receiving His leavening and invading Kingdom into our lives by focusing upon the changes that happened when Jesus and the early disciples brought ‘the Kingdom of God’ on people. We examine the enemy and fruit of receiving this ‘Kingdom that cannot be shaken’, before delving into the concept of needing to ‘shake out the dents and bulges’ to develop a ‘well-rounded soul’ in session 2. The strengths and weaknesses of our will, mind and emotions are highlighted before we go on in session 3 to focus upon how we can help one another bring our soul up to par with our spirit. Another Kingdom reality course that can promote inner healing and accelerate growth.

Set 3: The Anointed Work Of Kingdom Ministry

M9. Protecting and Managing your Personal Boundaries
The course begins by examining what we mean by personal boundaries and the implications that arise when they are either set in place or blurred. Session two explores how and when boundaries are formed before sensitively revealing the problems that arise in people of different temperaments when personal boundaries are not clearly defined. Delegates are then encouraged to complete the Personal Boundary Problem Identification Tool. Session three examines the need for personal boundary setting within marriage before concluding why such teaching is vital for pastoral leaders and how they can help others with boundary issues. Those who have identified problematic boundary problems can avail themselves of counselling and ministry at the end. This course is a must for all leaders engaged in pastoral ministry.

M10.The Heart Dynamics and Practicalities involved in  Relational Leadership
The day opens with an overview of the paradigm shifts and challenges that our 21st century world presents to the Church. We reveal the overwhelming evidence that the cry of people’s hearts today is for meaningful, safe relationships. This is followed on by an exploration of the possibility that our old church-structure ‘wineskins’ may be outdated. Session 2 delves into the heart dynamics of relational leadership by examining the kind of leadership heart that is required to develop leaders and not just followers – that of a ‘Spiritual Mid-wife’ called to birth people’s potential. Session 3 concludes the day by focusing upon the practical dynamics of small ‘cell’ groups and the potential they possess to significantly benefit the church and accelerate growth. This course has transformed a number of leaders’ thinking and their attitudes to the lost. An excellent course to introduce all leaders to, but especially small group leaders.

M11. God’s organic methods of causing people to growth
The course begins by examining what is meant by the term ‘organic Christianity’ before tackling the issue of what constitutes spiritual growth and what it is not. The essence of how to pass on Kingdom DNA in the discipleship making process is then examined, offering a comprehensive analysis of this dynamic, one on one process that the whole church can become involved with. Finally, we explore the essence of how to lead organically to empower the whole church to become disciple making, followers of Christ. This is a great course to attend if you have an interest in or sense of calling towards church planting.

M12. How to engage yourself and others in authentic Prophetic Activity
Session 1 opens with a definition of what a prophetic people might be and goes on to explore what the Bible teaches about being prophetic. Teaching is given that explores what the Bible reveals about Christians being released into prophetic activity that encourages, comforts and edifies one another. Session 2 examines a whole range of ways that God speaks to us. This is followed with a very practical whole group workshop encouraging participants to explore their prophetic ability in a safe and accepting environment. The final session reinforces the need for prophetic authenticity when engaging or facilitating prophetic activity due to the potential for harmful errors that can negatively affect the Church. Leaders frequently go away at the end, quite amazed and excited that the Lord can speak to and through them on behalf of themselves and others.

Set 4: A Strategy For Sustainability

M13. Preparing for the Battle/Maintaining the Victory
By virtue of their calling, leaders are a prime target for the enemy of our souls as so many will testify to. This course aims to expose the nature and character of our enemy and how he seeks to exploit any weaknesses we may have in our spirit, souls and bodies, to bring about our downfall. Session 1 concludes by taking an interactive look at the method of his attacks. Session 2 opens with an insightful teaching on spiritual strongholds – the so called ‘cloaking device’ of the devil and how these especially make us vulnerable. This session ends with how to overcome temptation and recover from a fall. The final session is called: ‘Enjoying the victory and maintaining our stand’ and reveals what are and how to use the tools and weapons that God has given us – including the awesome power of prayer and the application of the Word, to remain victorious at all times. The day ends with a final teaching on how to develop an enduring spirit in the face of hardship and trial.

M14.The True Nature of Kingdom Worship
Session 1 introduces the idea that the whole of creation was designed to bring God glory and that we exist to bring Him glory which is at the heart of true worship. The ancient battle waged by Lucifer (the once chief musician in heaven) to stifle His glory in man and in the church is focused upon and a call to ‘rob the usurper’ is given. The heart of worship is then highlighted – as man delighting to bring God pleasure by loving and trusting Him supremely – before finishing of this session with a teaching on how to practice the presence of God. Session 2 explores creative ways to worship God by catalysing intimacy and communion and spirit to Spirit connections before going on to show how to guard against the extremes of soulish activity in worship. We then focus on a number of styles of worship that complement how God has made us that prepare people for the final session which is a creative worship practical workshop. People have amazed themselves during this course as they have stepped out in a number of less orthodox expressions of worship. Prophetic poetry, song, music, artwork, faith declarations etc have brought liberty and a new freedom to express their love for the Lord from their hearts during this course. A great day to liberate leaders!

M15. Prioritising and Managing Time
So many of us fail to realise our full potential due to poor time and organisational management that causes untold stress and incompetence. The opening session aims to convince people of the benefits of effectively managing their time and what usually stops us from being disciplined in this area. The session ends with a test to evaluate the degree to which we are stressed due to poor time management. Session 2 offers a practical and stimulating interactive workshop aimed at how we can plan for success and gives some practical tools for effective time management. The day ends with a look at time management for leaders and how we can maintain a healthy work/life balance. This course can make the difference between success and failure in a leader’s life.

M16. Biblical Prosperity and Pathways to Financial Freedom
Biblical prosperity is defined as a holistic concept that covers the whole of man and the whole of life. As such true Biblical prosperity must begin with the spirit, then progress to the soul before being reflected in the body (3 John 2). The first session is devoted to laying such a foundation. We then examine the laws of prosperity that are found in the Scriptures and how we can release into our lives, the blessings and promises of the Abrahamic covenant as expressed in the New Covenant. This is followed by a teaching on the principles of giving and sowing and reaping for New Covenant Christians. The final session looks at the practical ways in which financial freedom can be obtained by anyone, but especially those who need financial support to pioneer new ministries or missions. The concept of how to generate passive income is explored and real, time tested  pathways are introduced. This course is always an eye-opener for all who attend and many have been set on a pathway that is leading them into becoming financially free. 

Set 5: Creating An Apostolic People

M17. Becoming a ‘3M’ leader
This is a vital module for creating well rounded, powerful leaders who become and take others through the three stages of becoming first a Member of; then a Minister to and finally a Missionary through the Body of Christ. Session 1 begins the day with an in depth, Biblical examination of what it means to
be a member of the Body of Christ. Session 2 takes this deeper by presenting a journey that the disciple takes to become a powerfully anointed minister to the Body of Christ. The third session brings the study to its climax by focusing upon the nature and powerful effect of apostolic mission. We demonstrate how the true disciple of Christ is meant to become part of an apostolic team that devastates the kingdom of darkness with the power of God’s kingdom of transformational love. At each stage of this tripartite journey, a correlation is made between these stages and the Old Testament types of Christ as found in the Feasts of Israel and the Tabernacle of Moses. This is a very thought provoking and mind transforming course which is not for the faint-hearted!

M18. The Transforming Power of Vision
Following several definitions of the concept of Christian vision, session 1 presents the thought that everyone and every organisation needs one. Focus is then made upon how to receive, form and implement a vision. Session 2 explores why some visions never get realised as well as the correlation between leadership development and the successful implementation of a vision. Session 3 represents a more practical time when we work through the process of developing our own specific vision. This course aims to develop spiritual and practical sight to leaders and is a ‘must attend’.

M19 and 20. Two Workshops exploring the 5-fold ministry gifts of Ephesians 4:11
Each of these two modules examine a different aspect of the 5-fold ministries of Apostle; Prophet; Evangelist; Teacher and Pastor. We examine the injunction of this scripture that tests the success of these ministry gifts by how well they equip Christians to function in each of the five areas. That is for example, how well pastors equip people to be pastoral; prophets equip people to be prophetic etc. They are more practical and interactive than the other courses and are designed to help each person discover how they can function in all five areas. This set of modules brings the whole course to an end and aims to fire up each participant to realise that they have been called and equipped to go and build His kingdom.

M21. Strategising for and Managing Life Changes
For many, having to face changes in their lives fills them with dread while others seem to thrive on change. Yet the Bible exhorts us all to embrace change as a means to become more like Jesus. This course covers such topics as ‘Preparing people for change’; Helping different people to embrace change’ for which we offer a test to ascertain how we respond to change; ‘Possible reasons why some people resist change’; ‘What areas of our lives may the Lord challenge us to change?’; ‘Counselling those who have had changes forced upon them, who may be grieving’. This is another essential ‘tool’ in the pastoral workers tool bag in helping people transition into new church innovations.